Thursday 8/8/19 Functional Class

In groups of 3 for 9min each station try and complete as many sets/rounds in the time frame as well as increasing the load of the movements.

Bench Press x8 reps

1 Arm DB Row x10 reps e/s

Russian Twists x30 reps

Deadlifts x8 reps

Hip Thrusts x15 reps

Toe Touchers x20 reps

Pullups x8 reps

DB Shoulder Press x15 reps

Leg Raisers x20 reps

Barbell Thrusters x8 reps

Inverted Row x15 reps

Bicycle Crunches x30 reps

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50sec work 10sec rest x 3 sets on each exercise per station. Station 1 Alt Tyre Flips Burpees with Jump Station 2 Resisted Leg Raisers Station 3 Hover Hold with Frog Squats with Partner Ankles Station

8mins on each station Pullups x8 DB Curl & Press x12 10 Calories alt with Partner Bike or Rower Push Press x8 TRX Rows x12 Plate Sit-ups x10 Toe Touchers x15 V-UPS x20