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With Covid-19 causing mass panic and closure of all fitness facilities the Fitness world has been forced to move online in a short period of time. With this we have seen some distinct types of trainers/businesses arise;

Those who already had huge online presence are reaping the benefits with well created and efficient business tools and marketing ploys to convert leads into sales. They have heaps of block programs to suit all clients and are able to cater for the masses.

The next are those digitally gifted gyms who have been able to convert what they do into video content with fancy borders, interval timers and whiteboards who are advertising to the wider community to continue to grow in sales and push there claim for total dominance.

Some of our big chain franchise gyms i feel have not been able to convert to online at all because of how little they provide their members other than a facility and top notch equipment. I could be wrong but i haven't seen any online presence from these types of gyms in my local area.

Lastly are the little guys who are just wanting to make ends meet. With a basic Ipad or Laptop they have jumped on the back of Zoom to connect there current members to online training and with community spirit have been able to continue operating at some small capacity. They aren't trying to over capitalize on the hundreds of people without a gym or training program to follow but are happy to help anyone who reaches out.

I guess what this blog is trying to say is when Covid-19 is over, which type of gym will you go back to when they are all re-opened??

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