Monday 5/8/19 Fitness Class

Part 1 - 45sec work 15sec rest for 3 complete rounds

Ball Over Shoulder

SDHP - Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Mountain Climbers

Bench Hops

Walking Lunges

Run 100-200m

Part 2 - 15min AMRAP, 2 reps of each plus 2 for each following round

Sit Thrus

HRPU - Hand Release Pushups

Squat Jumps

Half Burpees

Star Jumps

post results in the comments section

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50sec work 10sec rest x 3 sets on each exercise per station. Station 1 Alt Tyre Flips Burpees with Jump Station 2 Resisted Leg Raisers Station 3 Hover Hold with Frog Squats with Partner Ankles Station

8mins on each station Pullups x8 DB Curl & Press x12 10 Calories alt with Partner Bike or Rower Push Press x8 TRX Rows x12 Plate Sit-ups x10 Toe Touchers x15 V-UPS x20